Goji berries are known for their anti-ageing properties, thanks to their high antioxidant capacity. They repair, protect, moisturise and soften the hair, providing instant youth and vitality.


Improves the hair’s overall structure for stronger, more flexible and resilient hair. Provides shine and softness for younger looking hair. Reduces friction and frizz, promoting natural hair movement and facilitating combing.


Known as “natural liquid gold”, it repairs the hair fibre from root to tip. Hair soft, hydrated and full of shine.


It has a high protein content (up to 20%) and essential amino acids, promoting protection, strength and healthy hair growth.

Baobab proteins

The Baobab, known as “the tree of life”, has anti-aging properties, providing vitality and strength. It gives young and healthy hair.

Shea butter

Regenerating active ingredient, deeply nourishes and revives the natural beauty of the hair. Soothes dry scalp and deeply moisturizes. Reduces frizz and is ideal for use with straighteners.


Highly complete protein, contains eight essential amino acids for the hair. More intense and longer lasting tones. Increased color, shine and splendor.

Olive oleic acid

Organic essential oil that brings strength and vitality. It penetrates deep into the hair. Due to its composition, it is deeply absorbed, strengthening the hair from roots to ends. It is photoprotective, protects from environmental damage, prolonging the duration of the color. The result is highly hydrated, nourished and repaired hair.

Meadowfoam seed oil

Organic oil that restores elasticity and prevents moisture loss. Provides shine and softness, young and healthy hair.


Argan oil contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which are very beneficial for skin and hair. Highly concentrated in omega 6 oleic acid and vitamins E and A, it nourishes and revitalizes the hair fiber, repairing damaged and brittle hair. It also acts as a protective barrier on the skin.


Rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, it adds shine, nourishes, softens and deeply moisturizes even the most damaged hair. It also helps protect the scalp.

Lemon fruit water

Rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, it protects hair against environmental damage and UV radiation. Citric acid promotes hair purification and scalp balance. In color-treated hair, it prolongs the duration and intensity of the color.

Milk thistle

Natural alternative to silicones, it provides natural shine, silkiness and sensoriality.


Essential oil rich in micronutrients, vitamin B1 and omega 3. Moisturizes and deeply nourishes the hair. Reduces frizz effect and minimizes split ends.


Penetrates the hair fiber, repairing and restructuring damaged keratin. Provides volume and redensifies the hair. Stronger, more vital and hydrated hair, 80% more resistant to breakage from the first application.

beet root

Deeply moisturizes the hair, multiplying its shine and softness. Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, preventing irritation. Also promotes skin regeneration by stimulating collagen formation.

Coconut and sunflower-derived cleaning agents

Concentrate of surfactants of natural origin, which exert an ultra-gentle hair cleaning action. Respect and help rebuild the natural protection of the scalp, cleaning and conditioning the hair without residues.

Rockrose floral water

It helps to close the pores providing shine and radiance. It is also an extraordinary hair tonic that stimulates the blood microcirculation contributing to the increase of hair strength.

Lavender floral water

Soothes the scalp and restores its balance. Helps to maintain the skin in an optimal state, reduces inflammation, and helps to regenerate any damaged areas.


Rich in apigenin, a natural yellow pigment, it progressively clarifies and illuminates blond hair. Its known soothing properties reduce irritation and bring calm to the scalp. In addition, it reduces flaking and contributes to the reduction of dandruff.

Pea extract

Rich in Phytokeratin, reconstructs the damaged fiber. Retains moisture in the hair, even at low humidity levels, increasing its elasticity and preventing breakage.

Maca extract

Stimulates hair growth and protects hair against external aggressions. Boosts collagen production, favoring the adhesion of the hair to the scalp and reducing hair loss.


Rich in vitamins, promotes hair development and strength. Vitamins B and E help improve blood microcirculation, while vitamin C strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

orange fruit water

Contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins. Calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, together with vitamins A, B, G and, above all, C. Helps to rebuild hair and close split ends. Citric acid promotes hair cleaning and scalp balance.

Sunflower seed extract

Its powerful antioxidant action prevents hair aging, protecting it from UV radiation and prolonging the duration of color in color-treated hair. Stimulates lipid synthesis, ensuring optimal hydration of the hair and scalp. Reconstructs the hair fiber and seals split ends.


Due to its antioxidant properties, it protects the hair from environmental pollutants and even poor nutrition. It contains linoleic acid with a high vitamin E content, in addition to vitamins, proteins and minerals, which improve hair shine, hydration and elasticity, and restore its strength.


The lipid and ceramide content helps to strengthen and moisturize the hair and scalp. Used in dry shampoos, it has excellent properties for the absorption of excess oil, providing a silky and luminous sensation.


Unmodified starch, extracted from Scandinavian barley through an advanced milling process. Used in dry shampoos, it controls excess grease, providing softness and silkiness.

Organic Blueberry fruit water

Antioxidant protection. Improves microcirculation in the follicle encouraging the correct development of the hair.


Concentrated phytonutrients, vitamins E and B, minerals and CoQ10 energize and moisturize the hair. It absorbs UVA rays, has antioxidant properties and is perfect as a sunscreen. It also protects sensitive, irritated and damaged skin.


Antioxidant and soothing effect. Its proteins protect the hair from external aggressions. Repairs, conditions and increases hair elasticity.